Do you remember your first home computer?

Was it a Commodore 64, Vic 20 or an Amiga? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a modern day PC in a retro computer shell?

Here at My Retro Computer we aim to do just that. We believe the PC market is boring and stagnated, it needs a new fresh approach – retro is the new modern.

Starting with the Commodore 64 and expanding onto the Commodore Vic20, Commodore 16, C64 Chameleon and A500 ranges.

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Key Features

The World’s only Fully Licensed Commodore 64!

Retro Design

Designed to look and feel like the Commodore 64 – the most famous home computer of all time.

Modern Technology

Designed especially for the mini ITX form factor.


Design your PC based on the world famous Commodore64™.


Built in unique USB mechanical Cherry Switch™ keyboard, Multi format SD card reader & hard drive/optical drive bays.


Compatible with Windows, BSD & Linux.


All your modern & retro games on one system.


Just add your preferred internal components and step into the world of modern retro computing!


Sean is a great guy and his C64X cases are top notch-quality. I’ve built a C64X myself and it was straight forward. It’s wonderful to see that Sean continues what Commodore USA started!

Detlef Hastik (M-E-G-A.ORG)

The build quality is amazing on this case. Getting the right Mini ITX board and cooling/heatsink is really easy. These guys delivered my case super quick. I highly recommend the case to anyone

Steve Kurlin


Yes, you can play pretty much anything on this system but you will have to install the emulators and have your own game images. Try searching for “Emulators”, alternatively search for “Ant-stream” (This is a subscription service).

Not at the moment but we do intend to support most of the credit-card size computers, such as the Raspberry Pi & OROID. This will be completed by way of an adaptor plate and panel mount cables, we hope to have this in place by Christmas.

At the moment we are only selling the bare bones case for the customer to finish off. This means you will need all the internal components (Mini ITX Motherboard and its components, a hard drive and Blue ray drive) you will need an ultra-thin (No more than 30mm high) Heatsink & fan.

We believe this is possible. Please visit ( for more information.