About Us

As a self-confessed lover of old computers, more notably the Commodore 64, I jumped at the chance to sell brand new retro computers!

While at Chichester College in my final year, I had to create a project. The project could be anything from how to teach computer science to writing a game – as long as it was related to computer science. In my wisdom I decided to create a Commotosh – this would be a pc that could boot the apple operating system but I wanted to go further than that. I wanted to modify a C-64 (arguably Apple’s greatest rivals) to house a Mini ITX motherboard and then dual boot between Windows – Mac OS – Linux!

I presented my project to the whole year and all the lecturers, to my amazement I received a standing ovation and went one to win the student of the year award for computer science.

It wasn’t long after this that I stumbled onto the CommodoreUSA website. I wasn’t alone in my wish to reproduce a modern Commodore 64. Enter Barry Altman, to start with I was annoyed that someone else had already realized the idea but whatever people say about this man, I never met him or conversed with him, he got things done and done well. In my dealings to buy the website, stock etc. I managed to gather more information about him and was amazed at what he managed to do with so little money.

After his death and the fall of CommodoreUSA I made some enquiries and managed to acquire the website, molds and some stock. Then I’m afraid to say money and other commitments got in the way and not much has happened…until now!

So, My Retro Computer Ltd are going to start selling these systems again – well sort of. We will start off by selling the barebones cases and at a later date add other components, the first of these will be the Raspberry Pi adaptor kit…..

After selling the C64x under the brand name “My64” for almost 2 years now, we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to produce full systems and also pay for a Commodore licence. Despite Kickstarter taking our campaign offline for over a week due to false infringement claims we managed to get fully funded, this was only made possible because of help from the Commodore Corporation (please see letter below), David Pleasance and Stephen Jones from Checkmate. So we have to thank them for everything they did!